Main areas of activity

Machine vision and machine learning in manufacturing

  • Multidomain Imaging (2D/3D/4D; multispectral, polarized; passive, active, etc.)
  • Dedicated image analysis and machine learning algorithms (including AI)
  • Visual quality control of products, manufacturing process control
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance based on ML

Optical systems for monitoring and controlling laser processing

  • Aberration distance sensors integrated with laser heads
  • In-process measurements in laser processing (e.g., depth of the vapor channel, temperature, etc.)
  • Simulative design of dedicated optical systems and measurements, scatterometry, luminance, etc.

Laser technologies

  • Laser material processing (powder/wire cladding, hardening, welding, micromachining, etc.) - various types of lasers
  • Material studies of laser processing effects
  • Thermal and multispectral measurements in laser processing
  • Multi-domain simulations of thermal, fluid, mechanical, and material phenomena

Biosystems - machine vision and machine learning

  • Low-altitude multispectral remote sensing (UAV + GIS) (fertilization, weed control, harvesting, etc.)
  • Spectrometric analysis and chemometrics
  • Inspection of natural products (e.g., barley, insects: bees, Tenebrio Molitor)

Our equipment

Laser technologies

  • Disc laser
  • High-power diode laser
  • Single-mode fiber laser
  • Picosecond laser
  • CO2 laser
  • Beam caustic measurement devices
  • Pyrometer
  • Galvanometric scanners
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
  • Inductor
  • LC Head (powder, wire)

Optical metrology

  • White light interferometer
  • Confocal microscope
  • 3D structural scanner
  • 3D laser profilometers
  • Chromatic aberration measurement

Detectors, cameras, emitters

  • 20mK Thermal Camera + Active Thermography
  • Multispectral Thermal Camera
  • LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy): Mechelle
  • Spectrometers: UV, VIS, NIR
  • Ultra High-Speed Camera
  • Time-of-Flight Camera
  • RGB, multispectral, polarized, UV, NIR, SWIR Cameras
  • Monochromatic and polychromatic illuminators, laser
  • Scatterometer with imaging sphere
  • Far-field photogoniometer