Machine Vision Laboratory

Machine Vision quality systems are commonly implemented when the variance of production process is difficult to constrain and at the same time high quality and productivity is required (e.g. pharmacy, automotive, electronics, etc.). Cameras, optics and illuminations, together with software for image analysis and feature classification are used for 100% quality control and zero-defects assurance, replacing human visual inspection.

Development of such systems is not trivial, particularly if:

  • the object surface has complex shape (free form surfaces, NURBS),
  • the surface is composed of different materials or coatings (e.g. piston – aluminium cast with iron rings),
  • the surface is manufactured with different machine tools technologies (milling, turning, grinding, etc.),
  • the flaw features are not deterministic and hard to specify (location, shape, reflectivity, etc.)
  • the production environment is polluted by cutting fluids.

Apart from the above, the inspection system must guarantee examination reliability, robustness, real-time operation and be acceptable from economical point of view (Return on Investments).

Our Machine Vision Team is focused on research & development of new methods, technologies and devices for optical measurement or inspection systems for quality assurance.

piston inspection

"Machine Vision (MV System) is the application of computer vision to industry and manufacturing. (...) Machine Vision is a subfield of engineering that encompasses computer science, optics, mechanical engineering, and industrial automation. One of the most common applications of Machine Vision is the inspection of manufactured goods..." more:

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