Our activities focus on feasibility studies, research and development projects and industrial implementations.

Please have a look at student projects supervised by our staff.

Selected Projects

Feasibility studies

  • Optical measurement and inspection of medical hip implant elements (2008),
  • Optical inspection of tapered roller bearings races (2008),
  • Inspection of homokinetic joints assembly correctness (2007),
  • On-line optical 3D control during tyre body manufacturing (2007),
  • Assembly correctness inspection of car wire harness (in cooperation with IPK Fraunhofer) (2003),
  • Optical surface inspection of valve guides (in cooperation with IPK Fraunhofer) (2004),
  • Assembly inspection of car seat frames (2006).

Research and Development

  • Scanner for Forensic Document Examination (2009-2010),
  • Methods and tools for simulation based Machine Vision prototyping (2008),
  • Method and algorithms for optical measurement of glass cutting tools (2008),
  • Predictive 3D CAD model based segmentation for accuracy improvement of laser scanning of metal surfaces after treatment (2007-2010),
  • Laser system for flatness and run-out measurement (2008),
  • Method for tapered bearing rollers optical inspection of cone surface, during free fall. 7-types of flaws, productivity 3 pcs/sec. (2007)
  • Assembly inspection of care seat frames - Integration of FANUC robot with SICK camera (2006),
  • CAx software for supporting the methodology of machine vision systems feasibility study (2006),
  • Robotic vision - Integration of Mitsubishi robot with Cognex-DVT camera (2005).

Industrial Implementations

  • Robotic measurement system for hip implant locking screws, co-developed with Stryker Ostheosynthesis Kiel (2011),
  • Laser machine for flatness and run-out measurement of saw blades disks (2008),
  • Automatic inspection systems for tapered bearing rollers face surface, co-developed with ITeE Radom for FŁT Kraśnik (three systems, 2006, 2007, 2008) – 31 types of flaws, productivity 2pcs./sec.,
  • Vision system for ophthalmic lens manufacturing for JZO (two systems: 2004 i 2006).

Students' projects

Graduation cap

We are very happy to cooperate with ambitious students in forms of diploma thesis.

  • Łukasz Marszałek, Monitoring of laser manufacturing processes based on camera nad FPGA, 2011
  • Kamil Oleksiak, Design and implementation of laser guidance and powder supplier, 2011
  • Paweł Król, APCI 8001 motion control card application for laser cladding, 2011
  • Paweł Michoń, Design and implementation of communications protocol for Basler eXcite camera, 2011
  • Katarzyna Hołyst, Simulation Based Performance Evaluation of Non-Linear Objects with Fuzzy-Control, 2010
  • Jakub Kędzia, CAM translator for Laser CNC Machine, 2010
  • Piotr Śmietana, Quality of functional surfaces manufactured by laser powder cladding, 2010
  • Paweł Cieniek, Tomasz Dobner, Optical quality inspection on submicron level, 2010
  • Wiojciech Cieszyński, Optical Design for Machine Vision with ZEMAX optical engineering software, 2009
  • Waldemar Macioła, Integration of LabView graphical programming environment with OpenCV image processing libraries and GPU processing, 2009
  • Jan Gajda, Benefits analysis of the implementation of vision control system for SMD production, 2008
  • Michał Izydorczyk, Inspection of internal surface of holes and threads by machine vision, 2007
  • Janusz Tymoszuk, Machine vision products inspection based on Ranger 3D camera, 2007
  • Dariusz Tryba, FANUC R2000iA robot application for plasma cutting, 2007
  • Kamil Kalwat, The role of machine vision systems in ensuring the quality of production, 2007
  • Grzegorz Wójtowicz, Triangulation methods for building a three-dimensional model, 2006
  • Ryszard Waleczek, Identifikation von Antribsystemen (Identification of driving systems), 2006
  • Fryderyk Fryc, Design of Experiments for surface inspection by machine vision research, 2006
  • Rafał Pielech, A supplementary module for DTPS 2 (module for extending graphic programming of Panasonic robots), 2006
  • Paweł Wakulski, Selection of components for the „embedded PC” control system, 2006
  • Tomasz Dawidowski, Automatic optical inspection of defects in glass products using vision systems, 2005