Theoretical and experimental studies on machine vision, apart from knowledge and experience, require rich laboratory equipment. Thus we invest in our hardware and software basis.

During our experimental research we use:

Optical detectors

  • monochromatic and colour matrix cameras (AVT, Basler, Dalsa, Jay, Sumix & others),
  • fast line-scan cameras (CIS, Spyder 2, Spyder 3),
  • multiscan 3D camera (range, grayscale, scatter) Ranger C55 Sick IVP,
  • "intelligent cameras" - integrated with embedded microcomputers (eXcite Basler, DVT Cognex, Panasonic/Matsushita),
  • Ocean Optics HR 4000 spectrometer, light power meter,

Optical systems

  • telecentric lenses, microscopic lenses and boroscopes,
  • specialized optical systems (interferometers, microscopes, hyperspectral heads, confocal distance detectors),

Lighting devices and lasers

  • illuminators: DarkField, Ring, BackLight, Spot, ACIS,
  • LED light sources, metal-halogen and HF fluorescent,
  • diode lasers with projection optics, including microlens,
  • CO2, Nd:YAG, disc and helium-cadium lasers,

Aquisition nad control

  • framegrabber cards: Gigabit Ethernet, CameraLink, IEEE1394, analog,
  • multichannel analog and digital I/O cards,
  • motion control card and programmable matrix FPGA card,

Mechatronic elements

  • high precision one, two, and 3-axis linear drives and positioners, goniometers
  • optical tables with active vibration isolation


  • Lynx - VisionEng stereomicroscope,
  • Kawasaki, Mitsubishi and Bosch industrial robots,
  • calibration devices and patterns.

Our most important software tools include:

  • numeric calculation environment - Matlab/Simulink + 16 Toolboxes,
  • measurement and control graphical programming software - LabView 2010, Signal Express, Vision Development
  • image processing software - Halcon 8.0, Matrox Inspector, Wit, OpenCV,
  • mathematical software - MathCAD and Mathematica,
  • statistical software - StatSoft Statistica,
  • MS VisualStudio 2005 Development System,
  • Software for optical system design - ZEMAX,
  • 3D CAD design software - SolidWorks

LabView Halcon Visual Studio SolidWorks ZEMAX  Matlab Mathematica Statistica

Our team cooperates with other research groups within Department of Mechatronics, Automation and Production Engineering, and within Institute of Production Engineering and Automation.

Thanks to this cooperation, we have the access to interdisciplinary knowledge, experience, and test and measurement apparatus: TaylorHobson surface profiling system, TaylorHobson roundness geometry system, Renishaw coordinate measuring machine, measuring microscope, CNC machine tools, rapid prototyping devices, etc.